Cell Phone, Tablet & Small Electronic Device Diagnostic & Repair Services

Our goal is to provide the highest quality cell phone and tablet repairs possible.  We only use the highest quality replacement parts available.  The vast majority of these parts are OEM and are purchased directly from the manufacturers.  When OEM is not available, aftermarket replacement components will be used ONLY if they meet our strict quality standards.  Experience has shown that the use of low grade aftermarket parts like those used by most repair centers are substandard and will affect the integrity of your repair. 

We also pride ourselves on repairing your device to your manufacturer's standards. We will ONLY perform the repair as it should be done.  On mots new phones, LCD assemblies are fused with teh outer glass screen and touch sensitive panel.  While parts are sold separately and most shops will perform this lower quality repair, it is not correct and we won't.  We will either repair it correctly or not at all.

The most unique aspect of our repair process is 'diagnostics'.  Unlike most repair centers, we take the time to properly diagnose your issue prior to any repair.  While most repairs are straight forward and can be diagnosed and repaired by anyone with some aptitude, much of what goes wrong is not that simple.  A  number of repairs are seemingly unrelated to the issue reported.  Power issues could be related to switches, the battery, the charger port or even an LCD! The reason - many unrelated components are actually part of circuit path of the issue at hand.  With 10+ year's experience, we have the knowledge and experience to diagnose and replace the correct part without trial and error or guesswork.  This allows us to properly repair your cell phone the first time and back up that repair with a 90 day warranty.  In fact, if our repair fails, we will pay to pick it up for re-work AND pay to ship it back when completed.

Whether you have an older flip phone, a brand new Samsung Galaxy S model or an iPad from a year or 2 back, Blue Ridge Wireless can repair it and having it back to you in a short period of time with the professional results you should expect.

    Cell phone, iPhone, Android, Windows 8x, Tablet & iPad repair services offered include:

    • Cosmetic repair - housings, lenses, etc including complete refurbishment
    • Modular component replacement (non solder parts)
    • LCD and digitizer / touch screen replacement
    • Simple soldering - re-flow of open solder joints, replacement of small components

    Repair Process

    Our repair process is designed to be as painless as possible.  We realize that your cell phone or tablet is important to you and we strive to repair it as inexpensively as possible and return it promptly.  Since all work is done at our facility and we stock a large inventory of replacement parts, most repairs are completed and ready to return within one to two business days.  When this is not possible, we will contact you with an updated time frame.

    While most clients will use our cell phone/tablet repair estimate request form or provide detailed notes of the issue they are experiencing when sending their phone, a technician will perform a complete triage inspection to verify the issue and diagnose its cause.  This also enables us to catch any additional issues that were either unknown to the client or not reported.  This process ensures that we return your phone in complete working order.

    If a repair estimate was provided and the repair can be completed within the scope of that quote, we will repair your cell phone once the initial inspection is completed.  In instances where no estimate had been provided or the repair will be more expensive, or we simply are unsure of your issue, we will contact you prior to performing any repair.

    Upon completion of the repair, your phone or tablet will be fully tested to ensure the repair was completed properly and to verify that all other functions are working as designed.  Upon completion of testing, an invoice will be sent via Paypal.  Once payment is received, your handset will be return shipped using UPS ground services at our expense.  If you choose not to have your cell phone repaired or we have determined that it cannot be repaired, we will return it at our expense.

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